Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment (VTAA) (1, 2 or 5 day course)

MOT Training Experts specialise in delivering the VTAA accreditation in either one day (assessment only), two day (training & Assessments) or in a 5 day training and assessment course. Once you have passed the VTAA accreditation, your certificate will allow you to complete the Level 2 Award in MOT Testing.

The accreditation enables motor vehicle technicians who have worked in their roles for four or more years to prove their capabilities at Level 3.

The VTAA is a requirement for technicians without a Level 3 qualification who wish to progress to the Level 2 Award in MOT Testing and DVSA Certificate of Competence (Final Demonstration Test) to begin conducting MOT tests under the new DVSA requirements.


Four or more years experience working within the motor trade in order to demonstrate capabilities at Level 3.

What is the VTAA for?

The VTAA can be used to:

  • Show technicians have the knowledge and skills expected of someone working at Level 3;
  • Help technicians without a Level 3 qualification to become qualified to conduct MOT Tests; and
  • Show that a technician meets the Motor Vehicle Level 3 National Occupational Standards.

The VTAA is a specifically designed accreditation and a lifetime achievement, meaning that once technicians have successfully completed the VTAA they will be considered equivalent to those who have studied to Level 3 via a qualification route.

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Vtaa Course Uk

What does it involve?

To complete the VTAA, technicians will need to complete an online assessment and four practical assessments in the following:

  • Brakes;
  • Suspension and steering:
  • Wheels and tyres;
  • Emissions; and
  • Electrics.