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Do you want to become an MOT Tester? First and foremost, you need to prove that you are eligible for the profession. And when you get trained by experts in MOT Training Experts, at an advanced Training facility that stands out for its amazing success rate and teaching of excellent quality, you can find it easy to be a skilled, well-trained and certified MOT Tester.

How can you be an MOT tester?

You have to satisfy the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)-specified eligibility criteria and also pass:

  • A Level 3 Level 3 Pre-Entry Accreditation, DVSA-recognized.
  • Level 2 Award in MOT Testing Certificate
  • VT8 demo MOT test, DVSA-monitored.

After qualifying, you are supposed to undergo the MOT annual training and complete the same. Annually, you need to pass an annual assessment to be able to preserve your status as an MOT Tester. Unless the conditions are satisfied, your status as a Tester can be withdrawn by the DVSA.

We Offer MOT Course in Stockport , Manchester & nearby surrounding areas including Salford, Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Leeds, Preston, Wigan, Trafford, Tameside.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You have to be an approved nominated tester (NT) for conducting MOT Tests. You need to do the following, in order to become eligible as an NT:

  • Have decent reputation.
  • Have a valid, ongoing full UK driving license for all those categories of vehicles that you wish to test.
  • Have at least 4 years of experience in repairing and servicing the kind of vehicles that have to be tested.
  • Have not been convicted for any criminal offence related to motor trade, MOT testing scheme or acts involving threats or violence.

The expenses can vary, based on what your individual requirements are. Get in touch with any of our Training Consultants to know about the pricing of our MOT course, or to have a discussion regarding the options open for you to choose from.

The Level 2 Award in MOT Testing aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for carrying out MOT Tests. It has been created along with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Learners can get ready for managing CPD requirements, have practical testing skills, get MOT testing knowledge in the respective classes, encourage customer service improvements as well as know-how to work in a test centre more safely.

You will have the responsibility for planning your training and undergoing it, recording and documenting your training as well as booking and going through the yearly assessment. MOT testers now need to go through Annual Training and Assessments every year rather than go for refresher courses.

With MOT Training Experts, you can have a certification and degree that is recognized nationally. The demand for MOT testers is quite high, and being an MOT Tester can boost your career as well as give you an added skill. As you work with various types of vehicles, you can get a lot of experience. It can be very beneficial for you to be an MOT Tester in case you have 4 or more years of working experience in the auto servicing and repair industry.

As an MOT Tester, you can earn much more, around £21,000 – £30,000 every year. This is a flexible job and you can perform MOT Test based on the way your VTS (vehicle testing station) is set. You can actually conduct such tests on weekends and in the evening.

Am I Eligible?

Before you can become an MOT Tester, you need to ensure that you are eligible first. To check
whether you are eligible to start MOT Tester Training Course, follow the link below.

I'm Eligible! Whats Next?

You now have two options

Option 1

Option one consists of the following stages:

  • 1. VTAA (equivalent to a level 3) (6 Hour Assessment)
  • 2. Level 2 Award in MOT Testing (4 days)
  • 3. Final Demonstration Test with DVSA Vehicle Examiner (1/2 day)

Option 2

Option two consists of the following stages:

  • 1. VTAA (2 Days – one day teaching & one day assessments)
  • 2. Level 2 Award in MOT Testing (4 days)
  • 3. Final Demonstration Test with DVSA Vehicle Examiner. (1/2 day)

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