Understand Connected MOT Equipment

DVSA brought the concept of Connected MOT Testing Equipment for helping combat frauds and offer accurate results.

What does Connected Equipment really mean?

Connected equipment implies that a real test will have to take place with respect to be entered and if your system is having a read of VN directly from vehicles ECU concurrently.

What are the advantages offered with Connected MOT Equipment?

Some of the benefits offered with Connected MOT Equipment are as follows:

  • Contemporary systems for the new age motoring

As there are increasingly connected MOT testing equipment that are being approved by the Garage Equipment Association, we can start to see a drastic shift in the way MOT test is being carried out. Undoubtedly the end goal is completely monitored and the automated procedures with every aspect of test being recorded and simultaneously uploaded onto the DVSA’s database, there is also availability of automatic number plate cameras in test bay and in direct relation to vehicle through OBD port that offers data like vin numbers and mileage.

  • The perfection in traffic light mechanism

You might be aware of the current traffic light risk assessment mechanism for testers and stations. They are calculated by making use of the national average, like how the information provided by the testing station is compared to the one submitted by enormous amounts of others. Even statistical analysis can make use of this information for flagging anything that is different from crowd like average time taken for completing test in timeframe and submitted data.

Currently, individual testers might see the traffic lights score but in the upcoming years there might be chances that the risk score may describe whether you can find a job as an MOT tester. There is no need to panic as DVSA are always available for  providing counselling and guidance for improving the rating and will always make a choice to assist you leaving some extreme situations instead of repealing the right for offering MOT tests.

The Bottom Line

The main goal of Connected MOT Equipment is to offer road safety, improving the accuracy of results that are entered in the DVSA database and streamlining of MOT tests. Prior the need was there for manually entering data in database human error was bound to happen and DVSA are trying to make things better and easier.

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